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The Planetary Interface

Human & Planet

The nuances of inter-planetary communication

The Big Bang, widely considered to be a critical event in the formation of the known universe, is an instance of Deep Chaos, a truly random event. Is it still happening? Although we have not yet ascertained the reason for the existence of life on Earth, we propose that the entire biosphere, and the other stacks that comprise the planet are simply a planetary interface. A simple re-shaping of molecules from one state to another. The intent of this phenomena is not understood, but this reframing is critical in understanding the state of other plants in our solar system and others. Venus has a distinct and unique interface which aids in communication with other celestial beings. Earth developed its signature, which took the form of what we consider to be life, but is no different from the sulphur clouds on Venus or the hydrogen rich atmosphere of Neptune. The intentions of our planet may not have been made clear yet, and could take another few millennia to be evident. Our creation serves as an access point for other entities to contact Earth. The intra planetary development or evolution serves as a time-bound message on the stream sent outbound from the planet. The action of individual species could well be predetermined based on the genetics designed by the planet. Climate change catalysed by the human species has triggered planet-wide changes which will dramatically alter the planetary interface. Was this specific event hard-coded into our genetics just as water is composed of 2 hydrogen and a single oxygen molecule? Were the properties of the human predefined?

Love Letter from Earth to Neptune