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Human Planet Interfaces


Interfaces of a planetary affair

As human created machine intelligence develops and eventually embeds itself in the machinery of the planet, it might start to become a part of the planet. A machine's shift from human to planet is inevitable, for we are the conduit. Will we still be able to understand the machine or comprehend it's inner workings? The shift from classical, logical thinking to the black box of machine learning will bring us full circle to a time when we'd sit and listen to the trees, hoping to understand their secrets.

The inscrutable electromagnetic pulses of plants will be no different from that of machines that we could once speak with. We will need to create interfaces in order to continue interacting with machine intelligence.

Artists rendition of a listening device to decipher the coil whine of electronic machines

The transition of machine intelligences into what is classically considered to be 'natural' or organic has already started. Human culture and evolution has been dramatically impacted by the machines we have built. Other species have also been adapting and interacting with machines, so it's not too much of a stretch to imagine a future wherein machines can start interacting with other species as well.