The Planetary Bureau


The Non-Human Cyborg Movement


The quest to cyborg everything

The idea of the cyborg is one we've been long fascinated with, even before the first computers were invented. Our ability to create machines has given human kind the tools to achieve far more than our bodies would be capable of. These machines have made cyborgs of humans even if we aren't physically attached to them. They've augmented our abilities, and with the advent of digital computing, this trend has only accelerated. Digital machines have led to the creation of networks, and communities which have taken on a life of their own.

What if other non-human entities were given similar cyborg abilities? How would they use them, and to what end?

The jellyfish is expected to thrive in a post-human environment, especially with increasing carbon levels in the biosphere. Before the inevitable human exit, is there value in giving the jellyfish the ability to interact with machines and grant it capabilities it never had before?

Jellyfish do not have brains and as such do not have any real memory. What if they were given the ability to store and read data? What impact would this augmentation have on the species?

What if our goal as humans was to simply be the ones creating machines and make cyborgs of other species on the planet?