The Planetary Bureau


Anarcho Capitalist Pond


Accelerationist ecosystems to strengthen individual species

In the first of many research papers we are currently writing, the Anarcho Capitalist Pond is a project we're particularly excited about.

We not only agree, but wholeheartedly accept that the planet has cultivated successful circular systems in its biosphere. In this proposal, we are merely positing alternate systems in order to achieve radically different results. Circular, closed loop ecosystems are not only stable, but very efficient as well. It ensures that energy is well distributed across the chain, and ensures the survivability of all parties involved.

But what if the system was willing to eschew efficiency in order to accelerate the capabilities of the participants involved? In order to maximise the process of natural selection and promote desirable characteristics, a more competitive environment with increased tolerance for wastage will be required.

The paper speculates the increased fitness of the participants will lead to the creation of higher forms of intelligences across the board. There is a possibility of upending the balance of the system to the point of total collapse, but the linked subsystems and supersystems will absorb the remnants. The creation of a higher base intelligence across ecosystems may well lead to the select creation of higher forms of intelligences higher up the food chain. This would be incredible beneficial in an eventual post-human future.