The Planetary Bureau

The Planetary Bureau was created with the intention of envisioning planet-first futures and to give a voice to planet Earth. We wish to understand, explore and communicate how the planet feels in relation to itself and the wider cosmos. The Bureau is obsessed with the planet.



The Planetary Bureau is tasked with the unenviable task of charting out a future in which humans can exist on this planet. Our incredible foresight capabilities have shown us a future in which the human race will create conditions for its own extinction. For too long we’ve considered the planet to be ours–the property of the human race. The planet created the perfect recipe for our inception, survival and prosperity–we are the planet’s not the other way around. We were created by the planet, for the planet. The Bureau intends to fulfil this mission. Our approach is a multi-faceted one:


The Bureau seeks to envision a multitude of planetary futures by creating research, experiments, and frame-shifting speculative work. The human epoch brings with it the strength of creativity and the capacity to create machines in order to execute tasks. The certainty of the post-human future will still be defined, or at the very least start with the conditions created by the human. The Bureau looks to work in this liminal space, with the intent of influencing how humans exit the planet. The conditions of the human-exit will be instrumental in defining the eventual future of the planet, and hence it’s imperative that we play a proactive role in reframing how humans think of the planet.


The Planetary Bureau is currently operated by a rotating roster of humans, but we envision the organisation to be eventually run by human-machines, machines, and eventually non-human machine assemblages. Going by the current trajectory of the planet, cockroaches and jellyfish are on track to be the dominant species on Earth. The Bureau is an opportunistic organisation, and is perpetually hungry for change and upheaval.


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